Coffe at


There are many methods of preparing coffee at home. For very best results, it is important to use the right grind of coffee. In addition, the correct blend of beans must be used for each different coffee beverage


This system is considered the most sophisticated and the best for extracting the most from the ground coffee. It requires a professional coffee maker. The recommended grind is fine-medium, and depends somewhat on the type of coffee machine used. Cafesserie’s ” Breakfast kahawa ” coffee blend  is perfect for preparing authentic Italian espresso. The blend produces a very strong coffee with light acidity, it’s great for lovers of rich coffee aroma. This blend is particularly suitable for preparing “pure” coffee (without milk). At our branches we use ” house blend”.  It is suitable for brewing all kinds of espresso (with or without milk), however it’s ideal for preparing classic Italian cappuccino. Together with the milk, it produces a soft, velvety flavor with a light sweetness. It has become kenya’s favorite for a perfect cappuccino. “house blend” is also suitable for espresso, however is excellent for preparing cappuccino in a home coffee machine. The “siesta” blend is also great for making espresso and cappuccino at home.

Turkish Coffe

Turkish coffee is brewed by boiling the grounds in a “finjan” (coffee pot) or by just pouring hot water in a small glass with one teaspoon of a very fine grind coffee. Our “House blend” in Cafesserie is most suited for this type of coffee.