Our Coffee

Cafesserie’s Choice of Beans

We have set ourselves to guarantee the highest coffee standard by only using the best selected Arabica coffee beans from the rich mountain soils of Africa. Through our very unique blending and roasting process and by adding a small percentage of the highest-grade Robusta, we ensure the thick crema in the final preparation of a classic and traditional cup of Italian coffee.

Creating Our Unique Blend

Creating the perfect, seductive, blend is the art and skill of combining different coffee beans to marry different aromas and flavors perfectly well together. The coffee artisan, Isaac Shpak; Cafesserie’s owner is analytical and the expert who marries the beans from different regions of Africa to balance and bring out the best characteristics and traits of each bean in order to produce that one unique and superior blend.

Roasting & Cooling

These two factors play a vital part in determining the quality of the product. The beans are roasted for approximately 15-20 minutes at a temperature of between 200-250 degrees. Cooling is done by air. It is extremely important to cool the roasted coffee beans fast, to obtain and maintain its high quality.

Grinding: Freshness & Exactitude

Where coffee is concerned, Cafesserie ensures that the rich spicy aroma created by properly grinding fresh coffee beans results in a uniform flow of the coffee into the cup, extracting the utmost rich flavor. At Cafesserie, we check on the grinding standard several times a day and for the very best results, we grind the coffee blend onsite moments before brewing in order for you to enjoy that perfect cup of coffee. In addition, careful grinding assures the correct crema floating on the espresso.

The coffee Machine

Cafesserie uses Italian coffee machines manufactured by the “La Marzocco” Company, which was founded in Florence in 1927 by two young brothers, Guiseppe and Bruno Bambi. Although these state-of-the-art machines are considered to be among the most technically advanced available, a crucial part of their production process is still carefully done by hand.

Unlike other coffee machines which operate with one water boiler, La Marzocco machines have two. This allows the operator to work on espresso and the steamer to froths up the milk at the same time, without any significant reduction in steam pressure. This ensures a perfect espresso plus the unrestricted quantity of steam needed to prepare velvety milk foam with the preferred characteristic of tiny bubbles that is perfectly suit for a real espresso.

Fine Water

Another important element is the quality of the water. The water used for coffee in all the Cafesserie branches undergoes two filtering processes. The water used for food and beverage preparation is first filtered through the main filter. An additional water softener is attached to the espresso machines.

For the very best coffee, Cafesserie ensure that the water is perfectly “sweet”, clean and treated by using litmus paper to examine the ph factor of the water. In addition to the conventional regular treatment of the water filters, our espresso machines are treated manually three times a week with water softening agents.

The Test of Good Coffee

Experts grade a quality cup of coffee on the following factors:
Eye appeal – Color, the creamy head (called “crema”), the crema’s consistency and texture.
Aroma – The intensity of the aroma and the various combinations of fragrances. Flavor – The texture of the coffee and the balance of flavors. When tasting coffee, the tongue should sense certain sweetness on the tip, acidity at the sides, saltiness in the center and bitterness at the back.

The Human Factor

The perfect cup of coffee results from the performance of the person behind the counter, the ‘barista’ – not the coffee machine. Cafesserie’s baristas undergo intensive specialized training in order to perfectly understand, appreciate and master the art of coffee making. At Cafesserie know that a true barista is an artist at heart with the passion to perfect each and every cup of coffee.

Finally, and the most importantly, it has to be mentioned that Cafesserie is very proud of only using very rich, aromatic African coffee beans to produce the perfect cup of Italian coffee that is nothing short of pure perfection.

Our coffee blends can be enjoyed in house , purchased to gift or enjoy at home!