Cafesserie Bakery

Cafesserie Bakery

From Flour to French Bread
We set off with a very clear vision and goal when we established the cafesserie Bakery and that is, without a shadow of doubt, to bring you the very best there is. To do that, we mastered the art of baking from the top bakers of the world. We adopted their secrets, their knowledge and their recipes throughout the entire baking process by using correct and appropriate baking equipment. All the recipes and baking information were acquired through a series of expertise agreements in France and Italy, the sole purpose being to offer you the most authentic bakery products.


Our bakery uses only all-natural ingredients and butter. Our bread is baked using only our own natural sourdough starters, and with purified, filtered water. Our special raising chambers and brick ovens add that special home-baked flavor to the hundreds of loaves we produce each day at our bakery.

We offer our customers only the very best from around the world. We ensure that our selection of breads: Whole-wheat, Cereal, Cheese rolls, Olive bread, Farm bread, French bread, Focaccia, Ciabatta, and pastries such as our butter croissants, whether almond or chocolate, meet the highest standard of French baking. Variety, flavour, texture and freshness are what we aim to serve for your pleasure.