About Cafesserie

Our Concept

Italian Coffee

For years, ever since the espresso machine was invented, Italy has been considered the modern bastion of fine coffee. Italian coffee is known around the world as the greatest drink; people dream of traveling to Italy, just for the taste of the excellent coffee beverages. We established Cafesserie, with the aim of bringing real Italian espresso to Africa. In Italy, espresso bars are the customary meeting place for coffee lovers, local business people and nearby residents. At Cafesserie, just as in Italy, the quality and the fine taste of the coffee, as well the way it is prepared and served is of the upmost importance and close to our hearts in representing our vision at its best.

To satisfy our passion for the best possible coffee, we decided to follow the coffee bean from its source; that is from the plantation and through our unique blending and roasting process. We run an “in house” coffee roasting machine concept to ensure that the coffee is at the peak of its freshness, flavor and aroma until the final preparation of your cup of classic Italian coffee, any way you like it.

French Bakery

We  set off  with a very clear vision and goal when we established the Cafesserie Bakery and that is, without a shadow of doubt, to bring you the very best there is. To do that, we mastered the art of baking from the top bakers of the world.

French “Patisserie-Boulangerie” which exactly replicates the way the classic French breads and pastries, which we all adore, are baked. We offer our customers only the very best from around the world.

We ensure that our selection of breads, pastries, cookies and cakes meet the highest standard of French baking. Close your eyes and our pain au Chocolate will transport you to the streets of Paris. Variety, flavour, texture and freshness are what we aim to serve for your pleasure, and our bakery also custom makes cakes to order for your celebrations parties and festivities.

Continental Cuisine

We are proud of our “Gourmet Menu” in which we exclusively use quality, fresh ingredients. To keep our high standards, we in Cafesserie are supplied with fresh vegetables on a day to day basis to make our sauces, salads and dishes. Our pasta dishes have become the quality signature of Cafesserie. Our Chicken Pesto is a must to taste and our 220gm Ribeye burger served in our freshly baked Pain de Mie is the best in Africa for sure!!!

As a result, at all your Cafesserie branches we bring you the best of all worlds, united in a perfect culinary experience.

We offer you the classic cup of Italian coffee as served throughout Italy, authentic French breads, classic French pastries and bakery items, Pasta and Beef dishes the likes of which are served in the best brasseries in the world.  Our salad however, surpasses this; owing to the fact that organic farms grow and deliver specialty vegetables just for us!

We top it all off with our friendly approach and excellent customer service as

you would expect from the leading Brasserie in East Africa, with all the branches set in a cosmopolitan design combined with a relaxed atmosphere to  add to your sense of perfection.

To pair our dishes to perfection, together with a sommelier have selected a fine selection of wines from South Africa, Europe, Australia and Chile. Try our Roquefort and Pear salad with a glass of our House Prosecco for an otherworldly experience.

Our Red Sangria is famous for a reason but we keep everyone guessing the secret.